10 tips for looking your photo best!

Tips for looking your photo best:

1.  Wear about 25% more makeup than you usually do.  This will help it translate better on camera

2.  Wear colors that flatter your skin tone.  Colors that flatter almost everyone are:  eggplant, true red, teal, light rose, turquoise, and navy blue. 

3.  Be false.  As in, false eyelashes!  I cannot say enough good things about false eyelashes.  They will make your eyes pop like crazy, especially on camera.  If you have trouble applying a full strip, cut one in half and apply to the outer corners of your eyelids.

4.  Highlight your best areas.  The easiest, cheapest way to do this is to find the lightest shade of eyeshadow you own.  A shimmery neutral beige or white will work the best.  Apply lightly to a big foundation or blush brush.  Apply to the tops of your cheek bones, the bridge of your nose (if you have a large nose, DON’T do this), the center of your forehead, right above the arch of your eyebrows, and the center of your chin.  APPLY LIGHTLY.   You don’t want it noticeable, just enough to catch the light in all the right places.

5.  Contrast you bad areas.  For most people this is your cheeks below the cheekbone, and below your jawbone.  For contrast, I usually use a bronzer or a foundation one shade darker than my normal.

6.  Wear your hair in a way that you know looks good.  Now is not the time to try a new hairstyle.  Unless, of course, I do it for you.  Have a mentioned that I’m a licensed cosmetologist?

7.  Say cheese!  I heard from my cousin (who was Miss Orem) that if you press your tongue to the roof of your mouth when you smile, it will help tighten the muscles under your chin, and help eliminate that saggy skin we all hate.

8.  Don’t forget your eyebrows!  Your eyebrows frame your face.  Your eyebrows should always be as dark as your hair or darker.  (But not too much!)

9.  Pout.  To get that full pouty lip, apply your lipstick, then apply a lighter shimmery shade of gloss to only the middle of your lips.

10.  It's all about the eyes.  You can do your eyes in a million different ways, but make sure you highlight the inner corners, and right below your brow bone.  I'll take care of the rest!

Contact Info


Hello! My name is Erin, and I'm a natural light photographer living in the Queen Creek Area. I am willing to travel to locations within the Valley, and would love the opportunity to take your pictures! You can contact me by phone (480) 244-3133, or email me at erin4e@yahoo.com.

 What got your started in Photography?

I took a photography class in college.  I loved it so much that I continued taking it for three semesters!  But it wasn't until I had my daughter that my interest in it really peaked.  I kept trying to make my point-and-shoot photos the best that I could with photoshop and learning tutorials online.  Just before my daughters first birthday, I FINALLY bought the camera I had been eyeing for years.  Taking pictures of my daughter eventually turned into taking pictures of others...and now here I am!

What's your favorite aspect of Photography?

I LOVE to learn.  I was always the nerdy one in school competing with others to see who could get the highest score on their math test, or the best grade on their English paper.  I've always loved to learn and challenging myself to learn new things.  So the BEST part of photography is their is ALWAYS something new to learn.  I do research daily to keep up on and expand my knowledge.

What's your favorite thing to photograph?

Children.  They are definitely a challenge, but that just makes it all the more rewarding when you get that perfect shot.  I love their honesty and innocence and that they are just themselves in front of the camera. 

Why do you charge so little?

You may have noticed that my prices are definitely on the lower end.  The average photographer charges about $175-$300 just for a session fee.  I charge less because I've been in business less.  As my talent increases I may raise my prices from time to time, but I won't ever charge too high because I feel that everyone deserves custom photography and to have nice pictures hanging in their home.