I'm a winner!

My picture of Evie made it into the top 10 pictures!  I'm so excited!

Go HERE to check it out!

I + faces--"Over my head"

This weeks challenge is "Over my head".  I thought this little pic of Evie would be perfect!



"Poor Man's Macro"

I learned something AMAZING today!

I was just browsing on my favorite photography site, clickinmoms.com, when I saw a post entitled the "Poor Man's Macro". I was intrigued, so I read the forum. I'm so glad I did! It turns out that you can take a normal lens and turn it into a macro lens by holding it BACKWARDS! I would have never thought of that on my own! So....here are my first attempts at macro photography. These are SOOC (straight out of camera) expect for my watermark.

The real downside to this is, it's really hard to keep the camera and lens (held in my hand) steady. So...these are WAY more blurry than I would like them to be. I did find out that I can actually purchase a reverse mount for about $12.00 on amazon. I will be buying that shortly!


This one is super super blurry, but I still love it for some reason. It's.....soothing? Maybe?


This last one is my favorite. It's the most in focus, and I just think it's beautiful!


So...if any of you are curious, this is how I did it.

-I set my aperture to 4.0 before removing my lens. I think my shutter was around 1/80. **Next time I'll do this with more light! My shutter speed definitely needed to be a lot higher.**
-I picked a flower from outside and set it on a blue piece of paper.
-I set my camera on the table, and held my lens backwards right next to it.
-I moved the camera forwards/backwards to focus.
-I snapped the shot.

Is this the "correct" way? Probably not. But I will definitely be learning more about this!