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Welcome to my new What to Wear section!

Deciding what to wear for family pictures can be more stressful than picture day itself!  It is something that's really important in my eyes.  If you don't like how you or your family looks, chances are you aren't going to like the pictures.  This section is to give you some inspiration and ideas so hopefully the process will be a little easier!

I am not a fashionista. I am not a desginer. But I am a photographer, and I do have a few What-to-Wear rules I like to live by.

1) Avoid writing or large logos on shirts. These can be very distracting to the viewer of the photograph. It's better to keep it simple to the attention is on you, not what is written on your shirt.

2) Avoid a lot of black and white. Now I do love black and white, but a lot of it can be boring for pictures. Also, in digital photography terms these are the brightest and darkest colors, so a lot of times you can lose detail in photographs.

3) Think colorful!  I like to think of my style as fun, bright, and colorful.  Colors photograph well and give personality to an image.  Avoid anything too bright or neon though as these colors will not photograph well.

4) Make sure you coordinate wardrobes and aren't to matchy-matchy.

5) Play with patterns, layers, and textures.  Something I like to do for my own personal family pictures is chose my daughters dress first.  She is the most fun to dress, so I pick hers first and then find outfits for the rest of of to coordinate.  Like this example:
spring mommy daughter outfits

I found this cute printed dress, and then I made outfits from the colors that were found in the print of the dress.

boys outfits

Hopefully this helps you out in someway!

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