I'm sorry for the lack of posts, it's just been really slow lately!  So slow in fact, that I resorted to taking pictures of myself!  haha.  I'm never one to like pictures of myself, but I'm really pleased with how these turned out!  It's amazing what good lighting and photoshop can do!





If you're interested in a session, please book now!  This wonderful weather won't last forever!

Now offering...

Professional Prints!

"Why professional prints?  Why would I print through you when other places are cheaper?"

Professional prints are printed with highest quality professional printers, they use only the best paper to ensure a true representation of of skin tone and colors.  All prints are archival quality, which means the color will never fade, no matter how long you have them.  Professional prints are always inspected by REAL people to make sure it meets the lab's standards.  Non-professional labs and one-hour kiosks are great for shapshots, but they DO NOT accurately display the time and energy I put into making your images beautiful.  They are based on volume, not quality, and therefore their prints are very inconsistent.  Please treasure your images and my standard of work enough to print through professional labs.

Print Prices
Printed on professional quality E-surface paper.  Accurate color, realistic saturation, excellent neutral flesh reproduction, and greater intensity are just a few of the benefits of E-Surface paper.  Also printed with a slight linen texture.

     4x6         $1.50
5x7         $3
8x10       $5
11x14     $15
16x20     $25
20x 24    $40

Wallets (set of 20)   $10

Want it Metallic?  Metallic paper uses a patented combination of film and laminate layers resulting in striking three-dimensional images. Its unique pearlescent surface, resistance to tearing and curling, and ultra-bright backgrounds make it an exceptional paper.

--Add $.50 per print 8x10's and under. 11x14 and up add $3. Trust me, it's worth it!  This is my favorite paper!

Suede Hard Cover Books
A timeless way to display 20 of your images, customized with foil stamping.
5x5      $35
8x8      $45
10x10  $45
8.5x11  $45

Canvas Gallery Wraps:
An elegant and stunning way to exhibit your photos.

8x10      $70
11x14    $90
16x20      $110
20x24      $130