I LOVE photographing newborns. I love capturing them in those first few weeks of life when they are still so brand new. I love how precious they are. But let me tell you, they are a lot of WORK!  Especially when you're 36 weeks pregnant and can barely move :). Today's session was a tad frustrating, but I'm so glad I was able to get some beautiful shots! Jessica, your baby is so beautiful. Congratulations on becoming a mommy!


This shoot was so much fun! Little Amara here is turning one next month, so we wanted to get some pictures of her before I get too big.  This little cutie was so fun to photograph. I guess I hadn't taken pictures for awhile because I unknowingly kept them here for almost 2 hours. haha. Sorry Alicia! We were having fun right? Anyway, on to the pictures!


IMG_2588 web



Her mama is expecting baby #2 soon. So we took a few maternity pictures as well. I just love the ones of them together! Congratulations!

Dean Family

Alrighty everyone, as we all know it is now June. Which means that here in the valley it is HOT. That means my outdoor sessions are at an end. I know I previously said that I was only going to do them until the end of April, but we kept getting bouts of wonderful weather. Now it looks like summer is here to stay, and I'm getting bigger and bigger (34 weeks now!) and I think I'm retiring for the summer. It never hurts to ask, but I'm really bad at saying no, so don't :) I WILL still do newborn and indoor sessions until July, so if you're needing pictures in June, that is what we'll do. I should note also, that the indoor studio sessions are really only for individual portraits. I can fit two kids on my backgrounds, but that's about it.

July, for obvious reasons, I'll be taking off. This little guy is scheduled to come on the 19th! I will resume taking pictures in September. Which, isn't too long really, so if you missed your opportunity you only have a few months to wait.

Okay-- enough about me! Here is the Dean Family! Aren't they so adorable?

I just love the colors they chose!  Very fitting for summer!

This cutie pie was not wanting to take pictures, but we did get one good one!

...and this little guy was my first newborn session.  Time sure does fly!

Thanks for letting me take your pictures!

Ashlynn and Nate

Everyone has someone that inspires them.  For me, Shannon Sewell is my inspiration.  I think I'd like to be her when I grow up.  She always has the most creative backgrounds, and the most fun photo shoots where she just lets kids be kids.  So... I took a leap of faith today and tried to do just that.  I made a super cute background, and tried to capture these kids in their essence.

You may recognize these kids from this shoot.  When I first got my camera, I practiced on these kids.  Look how much they've grown in a year!  I'd have to say my photography skills have improved since then too :)  Anyway...enough jabber, let's get to the pictures!