A photo shoot for MY kids!

Yesterday my little boy turned 6 months old.  I had originally planned to go somewhere outdoors and take his pictures, but yesterday I got hit with a nasty cold and didn't feel like doing anything.  When I did get a little burst of energy what did I do?  I did what every normal mother does, set up a photo shoot for my children!  (right?)  haha.  I always take pictures of my boy on the 19th of every month so I later can make a scrapbook of his first year.  I did the same thing with my daughter, but still have yet to finish her scrapbook.   Ahh...someday.  Anyway...

I had this set up to take pictures of my boy, and was shooting away when my daughter starts to whine that SHE wants to take pictures too!  I said, "Okay but you have to get dressed and let me do your hair", and to my surprise she was ALL for that!  This never happens.  And although she only stayed about 5 minutes in front of the camera, she sure knows how to work it!

haha!  I sure LOVE my kids!

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