New Beginnings

It's blog circle time again!   This month's theme was "New Beginnings".  This year I've set a lot of goals and resolutions for myself in photography.  One of them being a HUGE project called a 365.  It's a personal project in which I take a photo a day, every day, for an entire year.  I really think that by pushing myself to shoot daily I will really grow artistically this year.  So what better way to showcase New Beginnings, by showing you all the first month of my 365?

I've had good days and bad days, but over all it's been a lot of fun.  Here's to a new and wonderful year!

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Langford Family

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Newborn love

I've always loved taking pictures of newborns, but they are quickly becoming my favorite type of session!  I love squishy little babies, and I love to capture these first moments.  I especially love incorporating the family into the pictures.  These are moments you never get back and it's so important to preserve them.  I stayed out of pictures when I had my babies, and I regret that so much! 

Enjoy this adorable family and their brand new baby boy.

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Fawson Family

I'm finally getting around to posting the rest of my holiday sessions. I loved this family, and I had so many favorite pictures from this session. Their outfits are adorable, and so are they!

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The way I view...

If anyone ever asks me where I learned how to do photography, I don't hesitate to tell them about the Clickinmoms forum. It's an online forum where everyone with a passion for photography from newbies to professionals gather and share information. I have learned everything I know from this website, and it is simply awesome. I've taken a couple classes through this site as well, and during my last class I got to know some fellow photographers pretty well! We've decided to start a monthly blog circle called "The way I view" and we'll have a different theme every month.

This month's theme is Tradition. I have to admit I dropped the ball this month. These are all pictures I took during the holiday, but not one of them did I take with the theme in mind. I really hope to do better with this month and have some better images to share with you all.

Tradition in December means Christmas time to me. We, as all families do, have traditions that have to be kept every year. On my husbands side, there is the traditional Mexican feast on Christmas Eve and the bunco and white elephant exchange. On my side there is the traditional Christmas breakfast of hot chocolate and German Sugar Cake which was passed down to us from my Great Grandmother Schmuhl. We are blessed to live only 3 hours away from our families and are able to visit both sides every Christmas in Northern Arizona. It always snows. We always play in it. My kids freeze.  We always make cookies for Santa. The kids love to play the piano. We read Christmas stories. We always get a picture overlooking the top of the stairs on Christmas morning. I hope my traditions are conveyed a little in these pictures, and like I said, I will do better next month!

This is a blog circle, so follow the trail and go check out the talented Sherri Davis's blog next!  She has such a cute post about going to cut down their tree!  Such a cute tradition! Check it out

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