Take Two

Yes. I love taking pictures of my daughter. Yes, I do think she's the cutest thing in the world! LOVING my studio lights!

Studio Lights!

I FINALLY have the adapter I needed to make my studio lights work.  These pictures of my daughter are just a first attempt, but I am so excited to practice and get better!  This is an EXCELLENT alternative to that horrible summer heat.  Speaking of which, I am taking the summer OFF of taking outdoor pictures.  If you don't know already I am pregnant!  I'm 22 weeks now, which means that in a couple months I will just be too big and pregnant to be outside in the heat.  I will be taking appointments through the end of April.  After that I will only be doing newborns, and other shoots that I can do indoors (with air conditioning!).  So, here is your alternative!  It is so fun for me, I can't wait to practice some more!!




Davies Family

This adorable little family was one of my giveaway winners! They made my job so easy yesterday. Just look how adorable they are!



And my goodness, these girls are so precious!





I had a blast yesterday guys, I hope you enjoy these pictures!