"Let them be little"

This week's I Heart Faces challenge is "Let them be little".  I was excited when I heard about this challenge because I knew somewhere in my many many pictures that I take of kids that I would have a winning gem.  Maybe.  But ultimately I decided I wanted to enter a picture of my daughter and this picture would not leave my mind.  While it's not technically perfect, it represents a day that I remember well.  It was one of those frustrating days as a mother.  Every time I cleaned up a space, she would be there making another mess.  She was extremely whiny, and threw a tantrum about everything.  I was at my breaking point when I hear "Wook, Mom!" and I turn to see this:

It was at that moment that I burst into laughter.  She was so proud of herself for putting on makeup!  I could have screamed at her, I could have put her in time out, but at that moment I decided to just let her be little.

I love being a mom!


  1. LOVE it! What a sweet little face- how could you be upset with that? ;)
    I have two kids... trust me, I feel ya on the breaking point! ;)