Get your camera off of auto!

Lately I've been thinking of writing some tutorials for this blog. But what do I write about? Shooting? Processing? Composition? Before I do any tutorials though, you need to know the basics. If you have a DSLR the first thing you need to know is how to shoot in manual! Turn your dial to "M" and leave it there until you have it mastered! It's tricky and will take lots of practice, but learning to take pictures correctly has been the best thing I've ever learned in life!

To get you started, here is a fantastic tutorial all about shooting in manual!

Another great site:

Or have you checked out the Pioneer Woman's website?  She's not only an amazing cook, she's an amazing photographer.  Reading her tutorials is what got me started! 

Just why is this the greatest thing I've ever learned?  Because now I am able to take beautiful pictures of my children all.the.time.  

...and with practice, you can too.
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