Homer Family

Meet the Homer Family!

At first I almost said no to this session, I mean, have you been outside lately?? 100+ temperatures every single day. But then I discovered that the mom was due with her third baby, 8 months pregnant, and was willing to brave the heat. So I decided if she could do it, then I could do it. (If you missed the previous announcement I am pregnant with my third as well, due in January.)

We shot about 45 minutes before the sunset and it was actually not that bad. It wasn't too hot and we had a blast! I loved this session and loved how their pictures turned out. I'm so glad I decided to do it! It was so nice to be shooting again and it got me so excited for the upcoming picture season.

**If you are wanting fall pictures PLEASE book ASAP. I will not be taking booking in December, and I'm not sure how far into November I will want to work. So September and October are your best bet and they are already filling up!**

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