My photoshop class!

I'm currently in a photoshop workshop and I'm loving it! It's through a photography forum I'm a part of ( I highly recommend it) and it's taught by Sarah Cornish! She famous among photographers, not only for unique photography but for the photoshop actions she creates and sells. I took this class because I was ready to learn something different. I love my clean and bright style, but I wanted to push myself outside of my comfort zone, and learn something completely new! I'm only in week 2 (the class runs for a month) and I have learned SO MUCH already! I took my daughter out for a photoshoot last week and these pictures have been processed with the techniques I've been learning. I LOVE them! I hope you do to :)

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  1. hi there!
    this type of field is exactly what my bride (im a photographer as well) is looking for, and i have been looking for something forever! do you know the cross streets of this, or how I would get there if you don't mind sharing. she would LOVE this. thank you!